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Eine subtitled mississippianische Re-post (nach Williams)

Have you read
Humorous ElementsĀ 
in the Short Stories and NovelsĀ 
of the Southern Writer
Eudora Welty
… in German?

Ja, Darling!

* a (reverse) translation of Jonathan Williams’ ‘A Subtle Mississippian Riposte (for L.Z.)’ in Louis Zukofsky, or whoever someone else thought he was: a collection of responses to the work of Louis Zukofsky, ed. Harry Gilonis

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  1. Harry Gilonis wrote:

    Nice to see this is still getting looked at! Actually you’ve not spotted an important element of JW’s original; it is a “metafour”, his invented (quasi-)form, every line *has to have four words, not more, no less. (There’s a fabulous one about him seeing his first golden eagle in his book of metafours from the same publisher, North + South.) HG

    Wednesday, February 25, 2015 at 1:31 pm | Permalink

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