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Zooming windows

Interview with members of the George Formby Society, as they attempt to break an online ukulele-playing record.

For The Critic

Antarctic adventure

From the submarine service to the world’s southernmost post office: Q&A with dentist Sally Owen, in the sub-Antarctic.

For The Critic

Research and rescue

The Falkland Islands bids farewell to the RRS James Clark Ross, and a Marylebone gallery hosts a virtual exhibition of Antarctic photographs.

For The Critic

The coast of Hisperica

i.m. Umberto Eco (1932-2016)

This frothing sea surrounds the world
and beats earth’s borders with its rushing waves.
Its storm-wall slams the rocky foreshore,
ploughs the bed with thumping crests,
strewing shingled foam in starry furrows,
ever-shaken by its thunderous blast.

The Evensong at the End of the World

On singing evensong for Candlemas, in Stanley Cathedral.

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Quarantined in the Falkland Islands: 2

The saga continues.

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Crashed and Burnsed

On giving a poetically bad speech to the Caledonian Society of Sri Lanka, at the Galle Literary Festival.

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Quarantined in the Falkland Islands: 1

From South Asia to the South Atlantic, in the time of Covid.

For The Critic

My daughter conjugates the verb ‘to spy’

i.m. John le Carré (1931-2020)

I spy
You spew
He/she/Pierre Spies

We (Graf) Spee
You Spanx®
They spunk

Bookselling: my part in its downfall

Some thoughts on my brief time at Waterstone’s, along with a review of Shaun Bythell’s Seven Kinds of People You Find in Bookshops.

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