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Heroes in Error

Review of War Porn.

For The Spectator

Missing in action

Review of A Long Watch: War, Captivity and Return in Sri Lanka.

For The Spectator

Peter, Mark, Roget. His Complete Poetical Works

On the Loss of Friends

That it is vain to shrink from

Bollcks to the new-born king!

Troll(ing) the ancient Yuletide carol.

For The Spectator

Easy Frisy

‘Some bread,
some butter,
and green cheese’
is as good in England
as it is in Frisia.

* from a synthetic translation exercise by John McWhorter

Freelance Writers’ Regiment

Who Dares Whinge

How d’you make a Maltese cross?

Fuck his missus.

The Sony Ericsson verb table

singular present indicative active


My literary career thus far – as narrated by the Shipping Forecast

becoming moderate.

Occasionally very poor.

Our foreign colleagues

Review of Tell Spring Not to Come This Year.

For The Spectator