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Monthly Archives: December 2010

A sympathetic reminder from the eco lobby, in this, your time of mourning

The ocean is miles away. (Think of the carbon footprint!) Why not have your relatives gather round the downstairs toilet and dump the ashes there?


They did not believe his story until he gave them alternatives.* — * Alt. ending: ‘until he gave them no alternative.’

Ever young

– If you die young enough, you see everything. – And yet, dying old, you still haven’t seen enough.

Suffer not

They were sitting on the floor leaning into the corner of the room, her mouth on his nipple, her hand moving his cock slowly. I sat in the corner of the library, reading Ondaatje, hoping none of the children would see.

A matter of emphasis

The poetry does not matter – Eliot. The poetry does not matter – Elliott.

Solo (a duet)

‘There’s no I in team,’ she said. ‘No; but there’s an M and an E, and that’s good enough for me.’