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Revision (after Keats)

No-one can usurp this height But those to whom the miniseries of the world Are misery, and will not let them rest.

Hello, Mrs Merkel

An n+(SamsungGalaxyS)7 poem for Padraig Reidy . Hello, Mrs Merkel. This is your mum, your best friend. I have found a copy of Pepys on the stairs, which belongs to you. (My great-grandfathers!! I missed your call when unloading.) I will have the whole set redelivered  to you when I get home. Thank you. Freya.

difficult second from bottom

difficult second album difficult second child difficult second trimester difficult second album syndrome difficult second pregnancy Only Connect: The Difficult Second Quiz Book, by Jack Waley-Cohen difficult second interview questions difficult second baby difficult second coming difficult second novel .

Boursin – the lost advertisement

I love you. Really. Truly: je t’adore. But when I make our lunch, I still put more cheese in my sandwich than in yours. – For Roar Media

Haiku (Sunday night now)

It’s Sunday night now, and the whole house stinks of steak. Frankly erotic.

This Is Just To Say – or; On a domestic argument between two writers

‘After telling my wife about Boston’s Great Molasses Flood, she accused me of putting together a fake Wikipedia page, just to mess with her.’ — Navin Weeraratne  . I had researched that story about the Great Molasses Flood which you were clearly hoping I had made up Forgive me it was pretty unbelievable so sweet and [...]

Found poetry

Russian proverb

A pike there is lives in the lake. His job’s to keep the carp awake.

Howl (after Ginsberg)

I saw the best memes of my generation.

“A pair of…”