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(for the British School in Colombo yearbook 2010/11) 1. So, what’s with the beard? After I graduated from the War Studies Faculty at KCL I rather fancied myself as a war correspondent, so I grew the beard. Then I just rather fancied myself. 2. We somehow get the impression that you are always very sarcastic [...]

Defining oneself in +/- 15 words

Interview with Romesh Gunesekera, on the DSC South Asian Literary Festival/Prize. – For theartsdesk

Tearing it up with Harry Sidebottom

You might recognise Harry Sidebottom from ‘Ancient Discoveries’ on The History Channel (presenter, not artefact); or perhaps you read Ancient Warfare: a very short introduction (OUP, 2004). But most likely you’ll have heard his name in conjunction with the bestselling Warrior of Rome, his trio (so far) of late-Classical adventures, set in the beleaguered Eastern [...]

Tanya Ekanayaka: pianist of the world

Interview with the author of the bestselling ‘Debating Meaning as blurring boundaries kaleidoscopes birth…: codeswithing: Sinhala(s): Sri Lankan: Englishes: Music!!’ Seriously. For theartsdesk

Sarnath Banerjee has his own aesthetics

only they’re a bit… wonky. Interview and slide-show with Delhi’s finest graphic novelist. – For theartsdesk

“What’s so wrong with having a sense of humour?”

ASH Smyth meets his poetic heroin(e) and suffers a Dictaphone malfunction   When you step outside, perhaps you’ll see an envoy from the Nobel Literature Committee; though it’s unlikely. This was my attempt at ‘finishing’ Wendy Cope’s contribution to the GLF’s Opening Lines Project. I figured it did the job, a fragment of Cope-style (Copious?) [...]

The Canterbury Tale-teller

Interview (and beers) with Rana Dasgupta, enfant génial of Indian letters.

Immigration, insurrection, and the elephant in the room: Ashok Ferrey gets serious

Given the continuing success of his two Gratiaen-nominated story collections, Colpetty People and The Good Little Ceylonese Girl, Ashok Ferrey’s first novel could fairly have been described as ‘long-awaited’… if only anyone had known it was coming. But then that’s not how Serendipity works, is it? And now all of Colombo is chattering about the [...]

Is it because you is black?

Prospect interview, in which I give best-selling aid economist Dambisa Moyo a little of the old Smyth charm.


A Q&A with Danish photojournalist Jan Grarup. – For Stop Smiling