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Drowning in a tsunami of cliché?

The Gratiaen Prize 2009 The Gratiaen Prize – for those of you not up on your South Asian literary gongs – is an annual award given to Sri Lankan writers for creative writing in English, f(o)unded in 1993 by Michael Ondaatje, with his English Patient Booker winnings. Writing-in-English is a small crowd here – ‘here’ [...]

So far, So-malia*

Somali Islamists go to war – against each other. For The First Post. – * no, that line didn’t make the edit.

The Devil is in the DJs

Crazies ban music in Mogadishu (and the Somali ‘government’ attempts to ban the ban). For The First Post.

“Is Ash [sic.] bereft of normal human feelings?”

First Post article on rising racial tensions in South Africa, following the murder of Eugène Terre’Blanche (in which it transpires that the present author is a vile racist for not mourning the death of… a vile racist).

Ethiopians attack BBC’s doom-laden coverage

Same footage, different story.  For The First Post.

Down and Out in Colombo and Bavaria

The glorious – and mostly true – story of Machan. – For theartsdesk.

Chemistry undergrad wins Nobel for daring hypothesis

Obama’s untimely Peace Prize. For The First Post.

Dr Ragab, I presume?

Long-standing desert date with Robert Twigger. For The Oxford Times.

Southampton docks to Brixton Beach

Interview with artist and novelist Roma Tearne. For The Oxford Times.

The Essentials

- for Excellence in Vocational Training for Performing, Production and Technical Careers. Big hoo-ha. Small pamphlet. For The Oxford Times.