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Monthly Archives: December 2018

This Is Just To Say – or; On a domestic argument between two writers

‘After telling Thilani about the Great Molasses Flood, she accused me of putting together a fake Wikipedia page, just to mess with her.’ — Navin Weeraratne  . I have researched that story about the Great Molasses Flood which you were no doubt hoping I had made up Forgive me it was unbelievable so sweet and so [...]

Found poetry


Of arshins, poods, and workplace happiness. A whole new week’s worth of the news where you aren’t. – For Queen Mob’s Tea House

’5 Living Presidents’? ASH Smyth demands a recount

A list of all the living presidents, as at 5:57pm, December 1st, 2018 – for reasons that, I think, should be self-evident. – For Queen Mob’s Tea House