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Reviews (of me)

‘Short but sweet. There is a certain profoundness to 4 line poems… even if they’re not meant to be profound.’

- Popshot magazine (who did not publish the poems in question)

‘This made me laugh!’

- Wendy Cope, poet

‘Akin to reading a humorous article on the application of X-rays in stereotactic neurosurgery. But beautifully written.’

- Monalee Suranimala, entrepreneur and nerd


- Tom Fleming, Deputy Editor, Literary Review

‘Classy-looking Greek.’

- Denis Beckett, writer and commentator

‘Finest one-word review I ever had!’

- Matthew Baylis, author, Man Belong Mrs Queen


- ‘Giles’, soldier

‘ASH Smyth sees things differently.’


‘Writer, teacher, poet, troublemaker.’

- Deshan Tennekoon, photographer

‘You are the literary equivalent of this.’

- DS Hilton, Esq., photographer, model and wingman

‘You write beautifully. Your thinking is another matter.’

- Alexandra Coghlan, critic/ex

‘No lie bro, you’re one of my beard idols… boom!’

- Jay Swan, driver


- Sarah Perry, author, After Me Comes The Flood

‘We’d love to include your work in Issue 5.’

- Kerouac’s Dog (to whom I had not, in fact, sent any work)

‘A writer who makes AA Gill and Jeremy Clarkson sound like soft liberals.’

- Seamus Smyth, Father

‘All this arty stuff and blogging doesn’t seem to be doing you much good.’

- Yvonne Smyth, Mother

‘A dragon?!’

- Prince Michael of Kent