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. A lady of limited means residing in the country says that her garden clothes herself and her daughter. — The Nelson Evening Mail, August 31 1906 . There is a typo in Punjabi birth certificates. Since January 2013, a Russian cruise ship has been drifting unmanned in the North Atlantic. Toxic trolls are pushing Vicky [...]


A cafetière falls down the stairs. *¡Bodum CRASH!*

‘Hockey puck’ (or; A poet’s frame of reference)

I I like to have my steaks done ‘like a hockey puck’. Sometimes I actually say this to the waiters (though not in French restaurants, admittedly.) II In Ethiopia, some ‘baristas’ knock used coffee grounds out onto the bare-earth floors. Flat, round, and black. ‘Like a hockey puck,’ I tell people. III I used to play [...]


1200 Regimental Remembrance service, St Botolph-without-Bishopsgate 1315 Receive call-up papers (from Mother), Costa, Aldgate East

Saturday night

Saturday night at the local Premier Inn. ‘Coffee: FREE refills’

She invites me in for coffee

- Coffee? Or coffee? – Coffee. – Does either of those have inverted commas? – Yes… Does it matter which? – I guess not.