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. The typewriter is more largely used in Mexico than in France. — The Nelson Evening Mail, August 2 1906 . In 1943 a British pilot made an emergency landing on the Italian island of Lampedusa, only to have it surrender to him. Kelo trees live for up to 3,500 years, and remain standing for another 700. [...]


. A lady of limited means residing in the country says that her garden clothes herself and her daughter. — The Nelson Evening Mail, August 31 1906 . There is a typo in Punjabi birth certificates. Since January 2013, a Russian cruise ship has been drifting unmanned in the North Atlantic. Toxic trolls are pushing Vicky [...]


A cafetière falls down the stairs. *¡Bodum CRASH!*

‘Hockey puck’ (or; A poet’s frame of reference)

I I like to have my steaks done ‘like a hockey puck’. Sometimes I actually say this to the waiters (though not in French restaurants, admittedly.) II In Ethiopia, some ‘baristas’ knock used coffee grounds out onto the bare-earth floors. Flat, round, and black. ‘Like a hockey puck,’ I tell people. III I used to play [...]


1200 Regimental Remembrance service, St Botolph-without-Bishopsgate 1315 Receive call-up papers (from Mother), Costa, Aldgate East

Saturday night

Saturday night at the local Premier Inn. ‘Coffee: FREE refills’

She invites me in for coffee

- Coffee? Or coffee? – Coffee. – Does either of those have inverted commas? – Yes… Does it matter which? – I guess not.