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. More than 6000 editions of the “Imitation of Christ”, ascribed to Thomas a Kempis, have been issued in the past 400 years. — The Nelson Evening Mail, January 21 1907 . The record for the fastest hole in golf is 32.7 seconds. Acres of quiet farmland set a peaceful scene. ‘Bert’ is like a [...]

A motto for mine own generation

habitabamus domum magnam

A poet’s room (after Oppen)

A poet’s room, these days, is probably his girlfriend’s, or an upstairs corner of his mother’s house – unless, with luck, he’s made it big, or, being smart, just married into money.


Life with me will be bad for your sleep wallet liver relationship with your parents/friends chances of getting into heaven* (though not necessarily in that order). But I’d like to think it’s still worth a shot. * optional


Funny thing about blood: it smells exactly like old copper money.