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A complete list of all those who have gone fishing, according to Benjamin Britten

1) Old Joe 2) Young Joe 3) You Know

I’ll play along (after Da Ponte)

You wanna dance, you little count? You wanna dance? If you really wanna dance then I’ll dig out the banjo. Why not? I’ll play along with you. If you wanna learn how I’ll even show you the moves: I could teach you a thing or two. I will, I will – I promise! But gently [...]

La Fille du régiment

Donizetti’s silliness at the ROH, reviewed. – For theartsdesk

The life and times of Sir Jonathan Miller

BBC2′s Arena on one of the last remaining Renaissance men. – For theartsdesk

theASHtray, vol.5

In which we hear more about Klinghoffer, camp terrorism, vultures, fake boobs, Cape Town, Debussy, The West Wing, and the aftermath of sex with Willie Nelson. – For theartsdesk

theASHtray, vol.4

Carry on up the hillbillies, the questionable merits of Aïda, and why the CIA employs so many jazz nerds. – For theartsdesk

Don Johnny

Review of Mozart’s-Don-Giovanni-in-a-new-version-by-Robin-Norton-Hale at the Soho Theatre. – For theartsdesk

Round ‘em up (head ‘em out)!

This week’s (Thursday – Wednesday) greatest hits from/by my colleagues at the nation’s finest critical website. – For theartsdesk