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. More than nine-tenths of the railway passengers in England travel third-class. — The Nelson Evening Mail, October 20 1906 . ‘The is cat washing dishes’ is an 18th-century expression for the reflection of water on the walls of a room. A skate’s vagina is anatomically similar to a woman’s. Just because a thing is true does not mean that [...]


. Our Eastern allies have just spent £2,000,000 in equipping a Government steel works. — The Nelson Evening Mail, September 8 1908 . Ben Stokes is the sixth Englishman to have his name on the honours boards at Lord’s for both batting and bowling. The smell of hot food is not very common on building sites. Annalise was [...]


. Pineapples are so plentiful in Natal at certain seasons that they are not worth carting to market, and so are often given to pigs. — The Nelson Evening Mail, September 27 1906 . The French king Louis XIII was known as ‘the Just’ because he was born under the sign of the Libra. Maxwell [...]

Afternoon – Charlton station

A drunkard, railing against the sky (or madman?). A child emulates.

1736 to Hampton Court – or; The Surrey mafia

But are you happy to vote for Jason? … Are you happy to vote for Jason? … Are. you. going. to. put. your. hand. up. when. they. call. his. name!?

The commute

She opens a mag called Creative Solutions. She stares into space.


Ah yes… the Chelsea game. I had been wond’ring. (My train is full of cunts.)

Falling in love on trains

She looked up and I looked up and we locked eyes – for maybe two full seconds – and then she went back to her book and didn’t look up again. And I thought: Fine. I thought: Be that way.

Our little secret – 3

My Railcard actually gives both of us a discount. But I prefer to spend your fiver on beer.