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Status update (3) (after Lindenberg)

ASH Smyth is in love with Rebecca Lindenberg. (Feel free to Like either of us.)

A younger Shakespeare hedges his bets

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and/or temperate…

True love is

reaching for your book when you know I want to read.

Googleads target my ex’s e-mail post-mortem

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It’s true

I do not know how much you love me. Or how much that really matters.

True love waits

in Waterstone’s while you go shopping for shoes.

Falling in love on trains

She looked up and I looked up and we locked eyes – for maybe two full seconds – and then she went back to her book and didn’t look up again. And I thought: Fine. I thought: Be that way.


For every one of your questions you already owe me an answer.

Our little secret – 3

My Railcard actually gives both of us a discount. But I prefer to spend your fiver on beer.

Our little secret – 1

I love taking you to galleries and pretending I don’t ‘get’ the art (while looking at the pashmina girls over your shoulder).