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May Day, May Day…

A lockdown letter from Colombo. – For The Critic

Everyman, I will go with thee, and be thy Bluffer’s Guide

Last weekend I played host to a particularly friendly cricket match – by which I mean that both teams had no clue what they were doing. The opposition, Rain Men, were captained by my friend and usual team-mate Simon, whose excuse was that he’d only played the game 263 times previously. The other captain was, [...]

Our little secret – 3

My Railcard actually gives both of us a discount. But I prefer to spend your fiver on beer.

The Barefoot haiku #1

Quit clanging that god- damn bell and let me drink my beer in peace, tourist.

Tearing it up with Harry Sidebottom

You might recognise Harry Sidebottom from ‘Ancient Discoveries’ on The History Channel (presenter, not artefact); or perhaps you read Ancient Warfare: a very short introduction (OUP, 2004). But most likely you’ll have heard his name in conjunction with the bestselling Warrior of Rome, his trio (so far) of late-Classical adventures, set in the beleaguered Eastern [...]