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If your love were true…

I can’t help but feel that at some point in the last two years you’d have learned how to use the conditional tense.


About once a month our sex-life tails off, and I wonder if she doesn’t love me any more.

The act of love (pace Roger McGough)

The act of love is to love what engineering is to physics – application, relevance, without which there’d not be much point.

Love not(e)

A. I love you. B. Fuck you.

L’elisir d’amore

To celebrate her going on the pill we uncorked a good bottle of wine.   Afterwards, I couldn’t get it up.


apropos of nothing, the short-haired girl who kissed me one summer music camp and called and called from her boarding-school pay-phone and wanted to ‘go out’. I let her down as gently as an adolescent can – aware, even then, that saying no is not OK – and only found, months later, in the rosin [...]

New Love Poetry #?

I loved a girl with all my heart – and then she was gone and I did not care. Which makes you wonder about the heart. (My heart.)

Love giveth

Love giveth and love taketh away again. Blesséd be the hooker at the top of my lane.