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The German army has the healthiest troops in the world.

The Nelson Evening Mail, July 13 1908

In January 2001 a BBC documentary crew filmed the everyday goings on in a typical workplace.

The skin of fantas melons smells of BO.

There’s 25% off Rovic floors.

Philip Hensher will read any old crap.

The Russians are now calling London ‘Londongrad’.

It’s advisable to turn off your computer.

The North Devon Journal is on sale now.

Paul Robeson was the greatest end ever.

Honey bees do not enter.

In 1876 Britain formally recognised Chinese authority over Tibet.

The chip-shop lady has the saddest eyes.

Among the many rivers of Mesopotamia there is one made of sand.

Some folk pronounce it ‘homage’ not ‘homage’.

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