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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Standing up to Scrutony

Understanding Music: Philosophy and Interpretation Roger Scruton Continuum, 244pp, £18.99 ISBN 978-1-84706-506-3 That any book might ‘appeal both to specialists of philosophy and musicology and also to the ordinary music lover’ is perhaps a little optimistic. In the case of Understanding Music, however, it is – through either authorial arrogance or editorial blindness – wildly […]

Tanya Ekanayaka: pianist of the world

Interview with the author of the bestselling ‘Debating Meaning as blurring boundaries kaleidoscopes birth…: codeswithing: Sinhala(s): Sri Lankan: Englishes: Music!!’ Seriously. For theartsdesk

If I Twittered

Then I would be: In LRB bkshp lking @ Rob Lwl & wrried tht post-doc types cn c my Playboy pnts.