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Monthly Archives: November 2010

from ‘Verses in Honour of the great Scots poet Sir William Topaz McGonagall, on the occasion of the Feast of St Andrew, this day the 30th November, the Year of Our Lord 2010’

Three cheers fer William McGonagall! Ye should read his peerless poetry… all y’all.

Sir Jacob Astley’s prayer

‘March on boys!’ quoth Sir Jacob Astley, neglecting to remember that an army marches, famously, on its stomach.

Haikus are like

postcards – no matter how concise you may be, you tend to run out of


My Yr9 class did not do their homework. Now they are being punished.

If you build it they may come

An inter-cultural stroll around Colombo. — For theartsdesk

Horses for courses

SOSL Première Concert Like a veteran sprinter in a distance race, the Symphony Orchestra of Sri Lanka was quickly away, found stride of genuine grace and quality, travelled well, and then, all-too-predictably, weakened through the latter furlongs until eventually, but barely, making the finish. They came out of the gate with Dvorak’s Cello Concerto in […]

On looking at the dodo with Dom

See that? he said. That’s your ex-bird, that is.

The Lydia Davis School of Banter

– Call me, bitch. – Don’t call me bitch.


Rain is – as they say in the army – ‘just wet. It ‘ll dry, you bastards!’


apropos of nothing, the short-haired girl who kissed me one summer music camp and called and called from her boarding-school pay-phone and wanted to ‘go out’. I let her down as gently as an adolescent can – aware, even then, that saying no is not OK – and only found, months later, in the rosin […]