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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Paul, mate, you’ve got red on yer.

Interview with Paul Bettany, vis-a-vis his tricky and unglamorous role in Broken Lines. — For theartsdesk

The Debt

Big name spy-thriller remake does most of the right things, but somehow fails to land punch. — For theartsdesk

Googleads target my ex’s e-mail post-mortem

After They Cheated Erase The Images Out Of Your Mind And Start Over In Your Relationship Save Your Relationship? Even If Your Partner Is Unwilling? Learn How In 20min. Guaranteed. Defibrillators / AEDs We won’t be beaten on any UK price all leading AED’s stocked More about… Elektromobile Pride Pride Scooter Puritan […]

Rock ‘n’ rock ‘n’ roll in Soho

Triple bill of old- and not-so-old-school rock at Madame Jojo’s, reviewed. — For theartsdesk

Fry’s Planet Word

Nerd heaven (now with added meta-bloopers!!!), reviewed. — For theartsdesk

Mademoiselle Chambon

Review of slowwww French stab at Brief Encounter (which I never liked anyway). — For theartsdesk


That message that you never left… I just got it.

Opening line of great novel noir

The Englishman is not English. But that is a detail.

Ugly-beauty Proper difficile

Transfesa Gurnemanz Clostridium difficile


The beginning of the end, reviewed. — For theartsdesk