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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Poetry exercises: 1

Iambic pentameter I had no wish to write my lines like this, but some old bastard made me do it. So…

Christmas afternoon

My stomach holds forth: now, like a blocked-up U-bend; now, a woodpecker.


My girlfriend cuts mushrooms in time with the radio and I think back an hour to the cliff-edge and the cemetery: the US Army captain … WWII … Korea … d.1984 and a grey stone heart – DOREEN.


A bracing dawn run on the Devonshire coastline. My nutsack is blue.

NB: to the ex

You always had such a low opinion of my opinion of you.


Ah yes… the Chelsea game. I had been wond’ring. (My train is full of cunts.)

Takes two

When my girlfriend told me she’d cheated, I said that I had too. It seemed the quickest way to hurt her. And to spare her sorrow.