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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Worrying about Worricker

Review of (Sir) David Hare’s Page Eight, on BBC2. — For theartsdesk

in memoriam William Melvin Hicks

Review of BBC Four’s American – The Bill Hicks Story. — For theartsdesk

True love waits

in Waterstone’s while you go shopping for shoes.

Life sentence

My life sentence is very long and dull. With lots of semi-colons.

Don Johnny

Review of Mozart’s-Don-Giovanni-in-a-new-version-by-Robin-Norton-Hale at the Soho Theatre. — For theartsdesk

Falling in love on trains

She looked up and I looked up and we locked eyes – for maybe two full seconds – and then she went back to her book and didn’t look up again. And I thought: Fine. I thought: Be that way.

Ancient wisdom

Red sky at night: shepherds’ delight. Green ammonia-filled acrid smoke-piss in the morning: asparagus for dinner.


For every one of your questions you already owe me an answer.

Round ’em up (head ’em out)!

This week’s (Thursday – Wednesday) greatest hits from/by my colleagues at the nation’s finest critical website. — For theartsdesk

Of Danes and Darfur

Review of Susanne Bier’s In A Better World. — For theartsdesk