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Monthly Archives: May 2014


from the index of a popular anthology* U. A. FANTHORPE was born in Kent. BILLY COLLINS is the author of six books of poetry including… Taking Off Emily Dickinson’s Clothes. IAN MCMILLAN is poet-in-residence for Barnsley FC. TOMAS TRANSTRÖMER… suffered a serious stroke which left his speech impaired and his right side paralysed…. [He] continues to […]

Afternoon – Charlton station

A drunkard, railing against the sky (or madman?). A child emulates.


The day has arrived I will have to leave home to take a dump without offending the builders.

Caveat; or – Overheard in ASDA

“Nah, I didn’t slap ‘er… (I could of, though!)”

Odd couplet

My parents said that onions went ‘with everything’ — but kept a separate chopping board for onions.

Feats of Klay

Redeployment By Phil Klay (Canongate, 291pp, £15) ‘Nobody wants to do a year in Iraq’, mutters one of the narrators in Phil Klay’s Redeployment, ‘and come back with nothing but stories about the soft-serve ice-cream machine at the embassy cafeteria.’ No kidding. And Klay (rhymes with ‘guy’) will not have been the first soldier, American […]