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Monthly Archives: March 2011

After Auden (fragment)

I am better off with madness and with fear; I do not care for food; neither do I wish to sleep alone; but happiness – that is another business altogether.

Withdrawal symptoms

1. flaccidity 2. sharp odours 3. ‘mess’ (4. malaise)


– Nothing’s ever perfect enough for you, is it? – ‘Perfect enough‘?


Sorry. That wasn’t supposed to come out like that. (Or – it was; but not so much.)

IT consultant

Ctrl.-Alt.-Delete.? Still nothing? Oh.

Old dog, New World

SOSL New World Concert   Arriving at Ladies’ College at the seventh hour, game-faced and Chooty drawn, I was informed that the Symphony Orchestra of Sri Lanka’s New World Concert was sold out.* While a few hundred rupees for an evening’s live music remains a pretty good deal, I have to confess this eventuality had […]