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Subterranean Homesick Baroque – after Dylan

Johnny’s in the basement, mixing up the medicine. I’m on the toilet, downloading Handel operas.

An irony

South Africa is not on Zulu Time.

Chinese food (after Jung Chang)

. Ancient Chinese proverb The most capable woman cannot make a meal without food. Chinese Communist Party saying A capable woman can make a meal without food. .


When my wife’s not here I use her toothbrush as a beard-comb.

A complete list of all those who have gone fishing, according to Benjamin Britten

1) Old Joe 2) Young Joe 3) You Know

Peter, Mark, Roget. His Complete Poetical Works

On the Loss of Friends That it is vain to shrink from

Freelance Writers’ Regiment

Who Dares Whinge

The Sony Ericsson verb table

singular present indicative active boat coat amat

My literary career thus far – as narrated by the Shipping Forecast

Good, becoming moderate. Occasionally very poor.

Two Chinese Texts

(for Dominic Hilton) i)  Your seat is empty this evening… ii)  Who, then, will eat the avocado?