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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Unhappy endings

A. I’m not one of those women who goes crazy… down there. Q. i) Why? ….ii) Why not? ….iii) … How do you know?

A Ghanaian election

How much do you remember about the Ghanaian presidential run-off of 2008? Hm? No? Fair enough. Me neither. And there’s a reason for that. But Jarreth Merz does. The Swiss documentary-maker spent three hectic months on the campaign trail, the better that we might understand – and he’s put it all down in his film, […]

The wife’s take on narrative

“I thought I was going to sneeze. But I didn’t.”


I will not chase dreams. Chasing dreams is for suckers. I will not chase dreams.

Thoughts on air travel

I If your children do not go to church or read tales of Greek heroes you will need to take them on a plane to learn the meaning of ‘descent’. II The aeroplane toilet is the nearest thing we have now to a mythical beast.


I do not intend to grow old in a house full of pot-plants and prints.

Nicholson Baker confesses

‘Sometimes, when I finish typing a sentence I like, I flick my hand up from the keyboard like a pianist at the end of a piece. But this was not one of those times.’

True love is

reaching for your book when you know I want to read.