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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Criticism, summarised

Some people liked Stravinsky for being Stravinsky. Others did not. What can you do.

Tragedy defined

A beautiful girl eats chips with her mouth open. ‘The average age of everybody…’ she begins.

To the BBC stringer who took my picture without asking (and then demurred over sending me a copy)

Well, I guess we’re even now, huh?


You told me to let go. So I did.


I think what I like most about your 8″ black rubber cock is the pink satin bag you keep it in.


Life with me will be bad for your sleep wallet liver relationship with your parents/friends chances of getting into heaven* (though not necessarily in that order). But I’d like to think it’s still worth a shot. * optional


Funny thing about blood: it smells exactly like old copper money.

The act of love (pace Roger McGough)

The act of love is to love what engineering is to physics – application, relevance, without which there’d not be much point.

Love not(e)

A. I love you. B. Fuck you.

Opening line

We were in a car-crash, you and I.