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Monthly Archives: January 2011

To a girl I once dated who thought herself smarter than me (BA Oxon., BA Oxon., MA Cantab.) and who ‘put me on to’ Philip Roth

I am reading The Breast and thinking of you.

L’elisir d’amore

To celebrate her going on the pill we uncorked a good bottle of wine.   Afterwards, I couldn’t get it up.

Summer of ’98

I remember that summer as being of great importance. Or, rather: I remember that summer - and that seems important.

Bach – plus bite

CMSC The Bach Concert 2010 When Glenn Gould said he’d take the music of Bach with him to the proverbial desert island he failed to specify which Bach. It’s fair to assume, though, he did not mean all of them. In a concert sponsored by – whom else? – the German Embassy, the Chamber Music [...]