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From my father’s marginalia on TS Eliot

‘What the devil does this mean?’ – TS Eliot, note in Edmund Husserl’s Logische Untersuchungen Pagan spring about to be replaced cf. feathers in Gerontion This a prayer – the old securities will collapse. No guarantee for children on acc. of his piety. Period between death and rebirth. Prefiguring of passion + cross. Calvary. Eliot […]

TS Eliot’s MO

I drop ice-cubes down the vests of those who can’t follow my pop-literary references.

After Eliot (fragment)

… there is a time for building And a time for living and for generation And a time for East Coker to get a branch of LIDL.

A matter of emphasis

The poetry does not matter – Eliot. The poetry does not matter – Elliott.