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The Pikey Laureate introduces Whitman to the high street

O ye women who go down unto the Co-Op in your onesies: What do you think you look like!?

NB – To the driver of the ice-cream van

If you drive around here one more time while I am listening to Beethoven I swear I will come for you. Yours, etc.

O, ye women disporting yourselves upon blankets!

O, ye women disporting yourselves upon blankets! Please stop it. I’ve work to do.

To the agony aunt at The Lancet

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does my chestbone crack?!

Afghan IV

  for Frank Ledwidge, Lt Cmdr (Ret.), RNR I came. I saw. I concurred.

NB To a little brother (after Yeats)

Tread softly because you’re treading on my Asterix!

NB – Sports Direct

Dear, Thank you for your stream of PRICE CRASH!! special offer e-mails, coming in approx. twice a day for the past 9 days. What I would really like, though, is the trainers I ordered more than a week ago. Please feel free to let me know when they are on their way. (E-mail will […]

Note to self

Do not expect your friends to take your love poems seriously.

NB: to the ex

You always had such a low opinion of my opinion of you.

Love not(e)

A. I love you. B. Fuck you.