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. Fifty-one per cent of the foreigners in England live in London. — The Nelson Evening Mail, July 28 1906 . International rugby union referee Nigel Owens wears Superman pants while he’s officiating. The Iraqi army is about to defeat Islamic State. There’s no playbook for how to be a guy. In 1947 a United States […]

Q&A with Sir John Tomlinson – 2

Part 2 – in which we discuss beards, Hungarian, and why the English can’t sing in English. — For theartsdesk

Q&A with Sir John Tomlinson – 1

Part 1 – in which we discuss sleaze, the ecstasy of old men, and why the Ring cycle is just like real life. — For theartsdesk

“Obvious pitfalls were not routinely blundered into.”

Glowing review of the SOSL Guest Conductor concert, 2010. [In which we learn, also, that it is better to file one’s copy at the absolute last minute, thereby precluding the editor from tampering with the text.]