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An irony

South Africa is not on Zulu Time.

Brief lives: Shaka

King Shaka of the amaZulu (1787-1828) conquered the Butelezi, (the Zulus,) the eLangeni, the Butelezi (again), the Mtetwa, the Quabes, the Ndwandwe, the Tembu, the Cunu, and the Ndwandwe (for a second time) – and was killed by his brother.

1826 – a Werner Herzog movie pitch*

I Port Natal, New Year. Bare-chested natives¬†dance under the unfinished walls of Fort Farewell. Many cattle are eaten. II Port Natal, February. Short of livestock, the white¬†settlers plan an expedition inland, to Shaka’s kraal. They hack the figurehead from their wrecked ship, the Mary, as a gift for the black Napoleon. III The interior (Independent […]