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Ayenbite of Inwyt

Against the temptings of the Devil, say the following:

‘Sweet Jesu, by thine holy blood
that thou sheddest, and thy rood,
for me and for mankind –
I entreat Him be my shield
against the wicked enemy
unto my life’s end.
So be it.’

This book is Master Michel’s of Northgate, written in English by his own hand – namely, The Pricking of the Conscience – and is of the book-house of Saint Augustine’s, Canterbury, with the letters ‘C.C.’


Holy Archangel Michael,
Saint Gabriel, and Raphael:
Thou bring’st me to thy castle,
Where all souls fareth well.


Lord Jesu, almighty king, that made and watches over everything,
I that am thy making, to thine bliss me thou bring. Amen.

Blind and deaf and also dumb, of seventy years all fully round,
May I not be brought to ground for penny, Mark, or for a pound.

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