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Dr Johnfon’s Ducktionary – or; fome juvenilia, revifed upon mature confideration

In this place (as oppofed to that)
Is repofited horizontally a
Hearty, wholefome and falubrious
Young male exemplum of fub-genus
Water fowl (be it wild or be it tame),

The accufative fingular of which
Samuel Johnson – Artium Magifter,
Legum Doctor (honoris caufa) –
Did trample and crufh most
Contemptibly beneath his foot;

Suppofing it be granted that
The neutral demonftrative had
Continued in a ftate of animation,
The fituation manifefting thereupon
Were fome condition of felicity,

On account that confequentially
The firft perfon plural pronoun
Had found themfelves in poffeffion
Of a number of the aforementioned animal
Not readily divifible into equal portions.

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