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Volunteers had no recognised existence in England until May, 1859.

The Nelson Evening Mail, September 8 1908

Everyone in Joe Orton’s social circle was called Kenneth.

The word ‘truth’ has no exact equivalent in Welsh.

The 8-hour workday doesn’t make sense.

Sloths take five seconds to have sex, but a month to digest a meal.

Agave nectar loves you all.

There are a million elementary-school teachers in America.

Airport security officials do not like fun facts.

The London Evening Standard has a pro-royal policy.

Gerry Adams says that he would quit Sinn Fein if he found there was bullying in the party.

An orchidometer is a medical instrument used to measure the size of testicles.

God rewards those who rise and fight over those who sit behind a desk.

Johnny Vaughan’s dad was a failed tap-dancer, and his granddad was a snooker champion.

Man is an island, entire of itself.

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