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Last year 15,391 persons kept bees in this colony. The number of hives was 74,341.

The Nelson Evening Mail, April 10 1907

It’s not every day a virgin conceives and bears a son.

Indifference to facts is not confined to the alt-right and the hyper-liberal Left.

The word ‘minge’ is of Romany extraction.

14°C is 57°F.

Elk hooves ward off epilepsy.

Until 1752 dates in England and on the Continent differed.

Empathy is the sign kwa known of the art of film acting.

Jayantha Gamini Molligoda won the P Saravanamuttu Trophy Sri Lankan championship with the Bloomfield Cricket and Athletic Club, in 1963–4.

Queen Victoria, Empress of India, never set foot in that country.

The hashtag ‘#Erith’ is much underused.

ProShield is not initialized.

According to science being forgetful is actually a sign that you are intelligent.

Alcoholics Anonymous was founded by Bill W and Dr Bob.

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