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Only six percent. of all paper produced is used for making books.

The Nelson Evening Mail, Monday, February 18 1907

The Bombay Harmonium Company are neither from Bombay nor do they manufacture or stock harmoniums.

Thor Heyerdahl was right.

Only 38% of Netflix content is available outside the US.

Penguins can shoot poo over four feet (two their own; two presumably somebody else’s).

Venezuela is named for its resemblance to the Italian city of Venice.

In anthropology, a ‘horde’ can be as small as just five families.

The Ayn Rand Institute has taken out a PPP loan.

Carlsberg is no longer the best beer in the world… probably.

Patrick Harrington is one of the most well-known yogis in Denver.

Young pigeons may be eaten after 22 days.

The London Tea Auction closed its doors forever on June 29 1998.

The history of world literature is twice as long as the history of Hungarian literature.

Sir Richard Starkey MBE is 80 years old.

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