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A body of police specialists in New York are called the sanitary squad. They are dressed in plain clothes, and their duty is to arrest anyone found spitting on the pavement and other prohibited places, in trams, theatres, etc.

The Nelson Evening Mail, Friday, August 31 1906

Red Carpet Cigarettes is the No.1 brand in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

A trace of the false self exists in the true self.

Women are a real-world problem.

Thirty-three tonnes of plastic come down the Yangtze every day.

There are no tigers in Siberia.

The United Kingdom is on the slide.

The Earl of Gowrie is on good terms with a Communist.

Rory Sutherland had a bilateral groin reconstruction three years ago.

Helmet saves lives.

All Anglos were writers until the railways came.

French bees are prone to wanderlust and ennui.

Leo XII was not particularly interested in Egyptology.

Providing jobs for the poor begins on September 2.


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