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Forty Popes have lived less than a year after their election.

The Nelson Evening Mail, Friday, January 18 1907

Ethiopia has exported its first avocados by train.

The Communist Party banned photocopiers.

More geese than swans now live.

In Brazil there is a butterfly that uses its legs for running.

All Pakistani things are under one roof.

Cecil Court is never dull.

Alastair Cook took just one wicket in his entire test career.

The Saracens taught us how to preserve our dead.

‘Sealioning’ is a type of trolling or harassment in the form of incessant bad-faith invitations to engage in debate.

William Huskisson MP was the first person to die as the result of a railway accident.

Lots of proletarians wear overcoats nowadays.

Zulu IPA is brewed in Great Britain.

Beatles fans pray facing towards Macca.


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