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Was ist Lydia? (homage)

I  If only I’d been born Lydia Davis

I’d have written a lot less.


II  The Lydia Davis School of Banter

– Call me, bitch.
– Don’t call me bitch.


III  Flaubert, revised

‘“A good sentence in prose,” says Flaubert, “should be like a good line in poetry, unchangeable, as rhythmic, as sonorous.”’

– Davis (transl.), after Flaubert

‘“A good sentence in prose,” said Flaubert, “should be like a good line of poetry: unchangeable; as rhythmic; as sonorous.”’

– Smyth (ed.), after Davis (transl.), after Flaubert


IV  Certain Knowledge from Lydia Davis

In Cape Cod there are
few cod now. What they fish there
is mostly shellfish.


V  Russian literature’s answer to Lydia Davis


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